Listen, evaluate, solve.

The client at the center of our attention

Our aim is to offer a qualified and complete service addressed to people who want to move or are already living in the Principality of Monaco. Thanks to our preparation and professionalism, we are able to satisfy any needs even the most peculiar and specific ones.

MFO, based in the Principality, distinguishes itself for its privacy and its flexible and customizable service aimed to find out "Tailor Made" solutions for each client.

We are looking for building trust link with our customer based on competence, punctuality with the implementations, respect and mutual cooperation.

Our know how for your aims

We can provide a complete overview on the potentialities of the Principality of Monaco, and its competitive advantages. Advantages that can be a valid motivation to undertake an activity, to sustain an investment in this area or to move here to improve your standard of living.

We propose as sole interlocutor able to give you a specifically assistance for any sort of need, favoring the economic, social and cultural insertion of our clients and of their families.

Due to our knowhow and the close collaboration with the most prestigious local structures we are able to cover any possible need tied to your demands.

An unique reception

We want to give you the best welcome and assistance of the Principality.

We are here to welcome, assist and guide you in the choice of living in Monaco putting at your disposal our deep knowledge of the territory and the professionalism of our team.

We follow you in the transfer by defining together with you, goals and priorities working by your side as "total partner" in order to satisfy any of your demand or need.

With discretion we will defend, manage and grow your interests letting you only the pleasure to live in a special place.

Your strategical partner

We take care of any organizational aspect, for you and for your business, succeeding in maximizing advantages and benefits. Thanks to our multidisciplinary expert staff, in different strategical branches and local professional network, we can offer you specific consultancy and advise service in any field granted by a continuous and qualified attendance respecting your personal privacy and the highest standard of confidentiality.

Your time is precious and important, for this reason we offer you personalized concierge services, support and help to plan your change of residence or any other service able to promote your better economical/social integration in the Principality.

We also offer leisure services highly customized, which enable you to live in Monaco in total relax. Take time to choose a trustful interlocutor, we will be your reference point in this area for any request, warranting you all necessary punctuality and privacy.

Professionalism and privacy at your service

Some of our services:

• Preliminary considerations related to change place of residence

• Planning the change of residence place

• Support and assistance for the private or professional transfer of natural or legal entities in the Principality of Monaco

• Support to manage administrative practices

• Support for economic, cultural and social integration in the Principality of Monaco

• Assistance to start a business in the Principality in collaboration with local consultants

• Secretarial support, concierge services, personal attendance

• Support in providing service on private jets, yachts, and luxury cars in collaboration with local consultants

Contact us

27, Boulevard d'Italie - 98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 97707078